Edy and Julie at Show Me Doodles are ethical breeders focused on using the considerable power all breeders have to ensure our puppies are healthy and a joy to own. Their love for healthy dogs shows.

Puppies from Show Me Doodles are born in our homes and supported by our families. Your puppy is a member of our family. They are loved, nurtured, and educated with kindness and compassion. Your pup has been adored by our friends, family and our personal pets (fur nannies.) They have been taught people and dog manners and they are ready for you to love them as much as we do.

Both Edy and Julie have been frustrated when purchasing pups over the last year.  The internet often gives an extra twist.

  • Who is legit? 
  • Is this dog from a puppy mill? 
  • Have the dogs been socialized similar to how we socialize our pups? 
  • Why does this pup cost more than another pup? 

Edy and Julie decided this process should be painless, informational AND professional for families selecting an outstanding pet. So……..Show Me Doodles was established. 

What is the Show Me Doodle Difference?
  • Our puppies are Family Reared so they will fit in beautifully with your family.
  • They are never inbred, so are very unlikely to develop a genetic illness. In fact, all our puppies come with a One Year Health Guarantee against serious genetic illness.
  • We do Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) starting at 2 days to give your dog a head-start with their brain development. 
  • They are personality tested and matched to your family so it’s a Perfect Match for you. 
  • You also get regular photo or video updates of their progress on our Facebook page. 
  • In addition they are Potty Pad Trained initially and begin Potty Training at 7 weeks. Our puppies are Chew Toy Conditioned, Crate Conditioned, leash conditioned and Extremely Well-Socialized.  

We support our owners throughout the life of their dog. Most importantly, we provide guidance to get their crucial early puppyhood period, setting a strong foundation for a well-balanced, happy dog for you throughout its life.