F1B Goldendoodle Breeder in Missouri

F1B Goldendoodle: Goldendoodle Generations

F1, F1bb, Multigen, huh? It is important to understand how this works when selecting your puppy. Don’t worry if you feel lost. Even doodle owners get confused and there isn’t a standard. We will explain what is most accepted as the norm. This information can be applied to any doodle, not just goldendoodles.

Why do the Generations Matter?

The sire and dam’s ancestry can influence physical characteristics and potential health issues. This is why health testing breeding dogs is so important. It also can tell you how much of each breed is in the dog.

What does “F” mean?

Each generation starts with the letter F. This stands for “Filial Hybrid.” What it means that the hybrid dog came from 2 purebred dogs. The numbers behind F1 or F2 tells you which generation.

What does “B” mean?

The “B” means it is a backcross. Backcross is a term for breeding a Goldendoodle generation back to a purebred poodle. It could also mean that it is breeding back to a purebred Golden Retriever, it is uncommon. When we use the term, it will mean breeding back to a poodle.

If you see two B’s, it means the Goldendoodle was backrossed twice with a Poodle.

Resulting Generation Most Common Pairing Estimated DNA Percentages
Parent 1 Parent 2 Poodle Golden Retriever
F1 Goldendoodle Golden Retriever Poodle 50% 50%
F1B Goldendoodle F1 Goldendoodle Poodle 75% 25%
F1BB Goldendoodle F1B Goldendoodle Poodle 87.5% 12.5%
F2 Goldendoodle F1 Goldendoodle F1 Goldendoodle 50% 50%
F2B Goldendoodle F2 Goldendoodle Poodle 81.25% 18.75%
F2BB F2B Goldendoodle Poodle 50% 50%
Multigen Varies Varies Varies Varies
F1 Goldendoodle

The most basic of doodles is the F1 Goldendoodle. This dog will have a purebred Golden Retriever and a purebred Poodle as parents. The DNA split theoretically is 50% poodle, 50% Golden Retriever. Their coats vary, they can be straight or curly. Color varies as well depending on the poodle.

F1 Goldendoodles will still shed, but less than a Golden Retriever.  They can still trigger allergies so if that is an issue, you would want to pass on a F1 Goldendoodle puppy.

The genetic diversity lowers the dog’s odds of having an inherited genetic issue that many purebred dogs have.

F1 Goldendoodle Price

First generation Goldendoodles tend to be the least expensive. Prices vary widely and vary on other factors including location, breeder reputation, size, and color. They can vary from $1,000 up to $5,000.  Each breeder has their own protocol for their breeding dogs, make sure to ask what that is.


F1B Goldendoodle

This is a first-generation backcross Goldendoodle. So, an F1 Goldendoodle bred with a poodle (or Goldendoodle, but unlikely.)

This generation is better for those who suffer from allergies. While you lose a bit of genetic diversity since you are gaining more “poodle” the coat is usually lower shedding and more hypoallergenic than an F1.

F1B Goldendoodle Price

Prices for F1B Goldendoodles tend to be a bit higher than F1. Once again, these factors vary.

F1BB Goldendoodle

An F1BB Goldendoodle is backcrossed twice with a Poodle. They will have an F1B Goldendoodle parent and a Poodle parent.

While it is not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic or non-shedding, the dog very likely will be. Allergy sufferers’ best choices are an F1BB or an F2BB.

This dog will most likely have a very curly coat. It will need to be brushed to frequently to prevent matts and tangles.

F1BB Price

These pups are slightly less common and tend to be more expensive. Once again, the prices will vary.

F2 Goldendoodle

There are many combinations to get an F2 Goldendoodle. They can be bred using an F1 to F1, F1 with a F1B, an F1 with F2 and so on.

F2 Goldendoodle puppies are not common. They can have more Golden Retriever traits so this is not the allergy sufferers choice.

F2 Goldendoodle Price

F2 Goldendoodles are not as expensive as their backcrosses due to the trait unpredictability.

F2B Goldendoodle

An F2B is a second generating backcross Goldendoodle which is a F2 bred with a Poodle. This gives the dog more poodle traits and characteristics. This is a good dog for mild allergy sufferer.

Some breeders may refer to F2B as Multigen Goldendoodles. Any generation of Goldendoodle that is beyond an F2 can be labeled this way.

F2B Goldendoodle Price

Prices for F2B’s tend to be higher than F2s.

F2BB Goldendoodle

Backcross a F2 Goldendoodle to a poodle twice and you have an F2BB Goldendoodle. Once again, some breeders will refer to this as a Multigen Goldendoodle.

The DNA of an F2BB is closest to a Poodle so it is a great choice for those who suffer from severe allergies. This is your safest bet for a non-shedding and hypoallergenic dog.

F2BB Goldendoodle Price

F2BB Goldendoodle puppies are slightly higher in price.

Multigen Goldendoodle

Multigenerational Goldendoodles are and Goldendoodle generation beyond an F2. The pairings could include a F2B, F2BB and so forth. Ask your breeder what generation they are and they will be happy to provide you with the number.


Which Goldendoodle Generation is best for you?

What are you looking for in your goldendoodle puppy? Are you going for a “teddy bear” appearance, than an F1 would be great. If you are more concerned with allergies F1B is great, since it has more Poodle traits. Severe allergies? F1BB or F2BB have the poodle’s non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat.

Finding a responsible doodle breeder is more important than the generation you choose. Your breeder should have genetic health testing both the dam and sire. Also, ask your breeder about their Health Guarantee.