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Goldendoodle puppies for sale in St. Louis, Missouri! However, these miniature goldendoodle puppies for sale can travel anywhere! Mini goldendoodle puppies are not only adorable, but more than half the size!

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Goldendoodle Colors

There is no end to the colors and Coat Pattern of Goldendoodle .

Poodles come in their own range of colors and coat patterns. AKC recognized colors include Black, Blue, Gray , Silver, Cream, Silver Beige, Red,  Apricot, Brown, Café Au Lait and White. Accepted Golden Retriever colors for AKC conformation is Dark Golden, Golden and Light Golden.

Parti  or Piedbald

Parti coats can have any poodle color and the other 50% is white. If it is less than 50% it is called an abstract.


These coats are controlled by the same genes as a Parti but has less white. Tuxedos usually have white chest, bellies and often white socks. Sometimes it will look like their tails is dipped in white paint.


Flecks of color all over the dog is ticking. The ticking will appear to have tiny white holes in the dogs base color.


Phantom is a recessive gene, both parents need to carry the gene for it to be expressed in a pup. It is a combination of Black and Tan or Brown and Tan. The “tan” portion can vary in color to a pale cream, warm brown,  or a reddish brown.


Brindle coats are striped. The size and intensity can vary.


Sable comes in a variety of colors. A sable coat will have black tipped ends to each strand of hair.


This can be any color of coat with a splash of white. Often times it appears as a chest blaze or “socks” on the feet.


Merle genes occur naturally in Australian Shepherds. The patterning is a beautiful, mottled coat which can be accompanied by blue or odd colored eyes. If both parents carry the Merle gene, the pup could be deaf, blind or have ocular defects. Responsible breeders health test dogs so breeding a double merle, with disastrous results will not happen.


This is a pattern that will produce heavily mottled white areas. This is to be confused with ticking, ticking is spots of color on white. Roan coats are never present in purebred poodles.


Some of these coat pattens can occur together. Such as a Brindle Parti Poodle or a Sable Parti or a Merle Parti.

If you have a particular color, coat or pattern preference that is not available with our

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