Puppy Go Home Day: A Complete Guide to a Successful Transition. Ensure a seamless transition for your puppy with our all-inclusive guide. Get critical insights and expert tips for making Puppy Go Home Day perfect – from preparation to settling in.

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Comprehensive Guide

1. Prepare Your Home:
Puppy-proof your space: Clear anything that can be chewed or swallowed by a curious pup like electrical cords, plants, and small objects.
Essential supplies: Have a crate, comfortable bedding, food and water bowls, chew toys, and grooming tools ready before your puppy arrives.
2. Nutrition:
Quality Puppy Food: We will send home a starter bag of food. We feed Diamond Puppy, if you plan to feed something else please slowly transition the food. Feed your new furry friend high-quality puppy food that is appropriate for the puppy’s size and breed.
Feeding schedule: Establish a consistent feeding schedule to help with house training and behavioral issues.

3. Health Care:
First Vet Visit: Schedule a check-up within the three days of bringing your puppy home.
Vaccinations: Keep up with the vaccination schedule provided by your vet.
Parasite prevention: We recommend minimizing exposure to veterinary drugs (such as flea and heartworm treatments, vaccinations and wormers) to the minimum dosage and frequency needed to safeguard your pet’s health.

Note: We recommend de-sexing at 12 months of age or older. 
4. Training and Socialization:
House Training: Start house training immediately with consistent routines and positive reinforcement.
Obedience Training: Basic commands like sit, stay, and come are essential for your puppy’s safety and your sanity.
Socialization: Expose your puppy to different people, pets, and environments once they’re vaccinated.
5. Exercise and Playtime:
Encourage regular playtime—it’s essential for your puppy’s physical health and mental stimulation.
Puppies have a lot of energy; regular walks and play help prevent destructive behaviors.
6. Bonding:
Spend quality time with your puppy every day.
Gentle handling and calm interactions help establish trust between you and your puppy.
7. Grooming:
Please see individual grooming tips on specific breed page. However, please note all poodle and poodle mixes will require regular brushing and grooming. We recommend brushing weekly and grooming every 6 weeks.
Remember: Patience and consistency are key. Training a puppy requires time and effort but it’s also filled with moments of joy and bonding that are truly rewarding. Welcome to the wonderful world of being a puppy parent!

Show Me Doodles Health Guarantee

1) Seller guarantees that Puppy is in good health and has received appropriate medical inoculations, worming and care. Seller will provide Buyer with medical records detailing treatment puppy has received under Seller’s care, and any future care Seller feels is essential to Puppy’s wellbeing.

2) Seller guarantees that Puppy is free of life-threatening diseases or disabilities at the time of sale.

3) At no time will the Seller be responsible or obligated to pay for Veterinary Treatments.

4) Buyer will have puppy seen by buyers veterinarian within 3 days of purchase. ***This is required for Health Guarantee

4)Buyer will sign up for the free 30-day pet insurance within 24 hours of taking possession of the puppy. (See Puppy Go Home Day Packet on website) ***This is required for Health Guarantee

5) Seller warranties the puppy against life threatening hereditary conditions within 12 months of age which have been diagnosed by 2 separate Veterinarians.

    • If the puppy is euthanized or in any way disposed of, without a second opinion the buyer waives all rights to a replacement puppy.
    • The Buyer is not required to return the puppy at any time. The Seller will offer the Buyer another puppy of equal value.
    • The Seller cannot guarantee a specific breed, pattern, age, gender or coat style only a puppy of equal monetary value.
    • The Buyer has 1 year to accept another puppy from the options the Seller provides. If no puppy is chosen within the 1 year allotted, then warranty coverage is considered complete. Costs to transport the new puppy is to be paid by the Buyer. No warranty is provided on a replacement puppy.

Note:  This warranty is void in the event of an undetermined or inconclusive diagnosis.  Diseases of likely environmental origin (likely to be caused by suboptimal diet, chemicals, or trauma) are not covered.

Lifetime Rehoming Guarantee: Your puppy has a lifetime rehoming guarantee. If you should have an inability to care for him or her in the future, you can contact us at any stage of your puppy’s life.  Under no circumstances must your puppy ever be given up to a shelter.

Trupanion Go Home Day Offer

• Buyers can activate coverage within 24hrs before or after go home day.
• Call to activate at 855-266-2156. Trupanion is available 24/7, 365!
• Can also activate online at: https://trupanion.com/enrollments/go-home-day-offer
• This info is all found on your custom offer flier along with your breeder code: BR1JR52421

Go Home Day Offer Benefits:

Buyers in the US or Canada, except for FL, NY, ME:  30 day no obligation offer with waived waiting periods, 90% coverage, no payout limit. Buyers will have a $250 deductible for the offer period.
Buyers in FL, ME: 30 day no obligation offer with waived waiting periods, 50% payout, no payout limit, expanded coverage and no deductible.
Buyers in NY: Waived waiting periods, no payout limit, buyers are required to enroll. They will choose their deductible option as enrollment is required, but they will get immediate coverage


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