Mr. Gidget (SOLD)

Miniature Phantom Poodle Puppies for sale in MissouriMiniature Phantom Poodle Puppies for sale in Missouri Tri-colored poodle puppies for sale

Mr. Gidget is named after his mother. He was the only Tri-Color puppy. He has phantom markings as well as being a piebald (parti). He has an adorable brown nose. Mr. Gidget is one of our smaller pups. He loves snuggles from us and his littermates. He is very affectionate. Born on April 17th.

Gidget is a small, moyen poodle and Wyatt is a miniature poodle. Both dogs have even temperaments and love people. In fact, they are being raised with their Grandmother Latte as well.

This adorable litter is from Gidget and Wyatt.

All pups in this litter have parti coats.

Gidget and Wyatt are working hard to teach them dog manners. Both dogs actively play with the pups.

Sometime our puppy friends get to spend some extra time with us. This works out to your advantage! These pups are potty trained (outside), learning leash manners (rather quickly) and are very wells socialized with all sizes and ages of dogs and people.

Mr. Gidget is very outgoing, friendly but he also loves to be held and snuggle. We have a favorite in every litter, and Mr. Gidget is our favorite in this litter. He was the smallest dog with the biggest heart. He is 80% of his adult size.