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The Sheepadoodle, a delightful mixed breed dog, is formed by the merging of the beloved Old English Sheepdog and the intelligent Poodle.

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Fun Facts

  • The Mini Sheepadoodle size is typically medium to small, but there can also be toy varieties that are called Micro Sheepadoodles
  • The Mini Sheepadoodle puppy is bright, happy, eager to learn, and easy to train
  • Highly adaptable and easy-going, the Mini Sheepadoodle dog is comfortable in both small apartments and large homes
  • Mini Sheepdoodles have well-balanced personalities and are wonderful companion pets that are best suited for families with or without children, singles, and first-time pet owners
  • Mini Sheepadoodle dogs live longer, healthier lives due to hybrid vigor
  • Hypoallergenic Mini Sheepadoodle with a non-shedding coat
  • Excellent watchdogs – Mini Sheepadoodle dogs are not overly vocal as they only bark with a purpose


Easy to Train

The Sheepadoodle is a very smart dog breed that loves to learn! These dogs, which come from a cross between two working breeds, are one of the smartest canines out there. They are fast learners which makes them very easy to train. So, if you are looking for a pet that catches on quickly and is easy to work with, this could be the dog for you!

When your new pet arrives at your home, you should start training them right away. If you have other pets or small children, these dogs will need to be properly socialized with them. When you socialize a dog at a young age, they will fit in well with others and be less aggressive overall.

Since these dogs are highly active, you will need to also make sure that you train them to walk on a leash. You should teach them proper leash behavior to make sure that your new pet does not pull you around. Also, if you are going to be keeping your pet indoors, it is a good idea to begin potty training early. You may want to hire a dog trainer to help your pet learn basic commands that you can use to expand on.


Many people wonder about the Sheepadoodles temperament. Since these dogs are on the larger size, many worry about getting one, especially if they have small children. But those worries are often unfounded because the Sheepadoodle is a very friendly dog breed. They are a quiet breed that simply loves attention and affection. This makes them great dogs for those with families and since they are very loyal, they also make great watchdogs. But keep in mind that any dog breed can be aggressive if not trained properly. These dogs just like all others will need to be socialized at an early age. This will help curb any aggression they may have, and socialization will allow them to be around other animals and people without fear.

They Don’t Bark a Lot

If you want a pet that won’t make much noise, this is the dog for you! Sheepadoodles do bark but only when they really need to. This makes them great pets to keep indoors. They have a laid back temperament that helps them stay calm most of the time. However, these animals are still great watchdogs and when someone or something comes around that they are not familiar with, they will let you know.


Many working dogs are very loyal and the Sheepadoodle is no exception. These dogs simply love their families and would do anything to keep them safe. They are very protective but at the same time, they are not aggressive. This makes them the perfect pet to have around the house.

Full of Energy

As you have already learned above, the Sheepadoodle comes from a cross between two working breeds. This makes these dogs very energetic. They simply love to run around outside and they need lots of exercises to help them unwind at the end of the day. If you are thinking of getting one of these dogs, make sure that you have plenty of time to walk them. For those of you who live in the city, you may want to hire someone to walk your dog during the day. They need lots of space to move around in and will not do well if they are left in a small apartment all day.

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