Guardian Home Program


Our Guardian Home Program is a fantastic way to add a pet to your family.  You add an adorable puppy or older breeding dog to your family. All the fun of raising or caring for a fantastic Show Me Doodle dog, at little or no cost. In return, Show Me Doodle’s retains ownership and breeding rights.

How it Works

You and your family receive a Show Me Doddle pup. All vet bills and vaccinations are the responsibility of the Guardian Home, with the exception of breeding expenses. From time to time, with advance notice, we will house and care the dog for breeding purposes.


Female dogs (Dams),  visit us the week before giving birth and whelping. Depending on the litters needs, usually about 6-8 weeks. After the dam whelps the pups, she is back in your home. We will spay her after a few litters, transfer ownership to you. She is back on the couch with you and your family. Access to the dam is also needed for a few days after her heat begins.


Our male dogs (studs) do not need to leave for extended periods. We make arrangements in advance. Depending on the service he is rendering, he could be gone for a few hours or a few days. Regardless, he will return to the Guardian Home a happy dog.

Why use Guardian Homes?

Diversity is important our program. However, pups that are raised with families have the dispositions we want in our program. Our Guardian Home dogs live the best life ever, and that is in your home with people who love her.

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Home to a Show Me Doodle pup, please contact us!